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UPDATE: Sunday, 23 June 2002 This site finally open! The first Chao Photo Album is up... there's a photo album of Speedy now. Yay!

Welcome! ^_^

~~ Welcome to my Chao Garden! This is a page devoted to the cute Chao from Sonic Adventure 2, or more specifically, my cute Chao! ^_^ It includes some info on the Chao (just some silly pointless info on each of my Chao) and some of my Chao-related artwork, but the main thing I'm going to include is my Chao Photo Album. Also don't forget to visit the Chao Memorial to pay your respects to those Chao who have gone forever. :( You can post your Chao Memorial notes there, too. Have a nice stay at my Chao Garden! ^_^ ~~

Look at my Chao and how nauseatingly cute they are! ^_^
Pay your respects to chao here, and even leave your own memories.

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All images on these pages are of my own making... either captured by me, or drawn by me - except for some of the small Chao gifs which are from the Sonic Team Homepage, though I have still edited them a bit. However, the "Chao" and Sonic Adventure are both copyrights of the Sonic Team... who do some of the most awesome games in the history of 'em... though I do lose loads of my life to their games, it has to be said. ^_^; Amazing people!

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